Project information

Project title

"Expansion of mobile site services and improvement of the access to them"
Duration 10 May 2011 - 15 August 2011
Project goal and objectives

To expand mobile site services and improve access to them.

Project objectives:

  1. To provide commodities for safe injection;
  2. To provide commodities for wound dressing and treatment;
  3. To provide commodities for safe sexual intercourse;
  4. To improve accessibility to services by extending working hours.

The following activities took place implementing the project:

1. Aiming to stop the spread of infectious diseases sterile needles, syringes and disinfectants were distributed;
2. Aiming to stop the worsening health of mobile cabinet clients wound dressing was distributed.
3. Reducing spread of HIV and sexually transmitted infections through unsafe sexual intercourse condoms were distributed.
4. Aiming to attract greater number of "hidden" IDUs, who are not reached by the services during the work days the working hours were prolonged, adding one more work day to the week.


  • Number of regular clients: 1 month - 105, 2 month - 108, 3 month - 114.
  • Number of new clients per last month - 6.
  • Number of distributed syringes per month - 2813.
  • Number of distributed syringes per person per month - 25,7.
  • Number of performed HIV tests - 8.
  • Number of positive HIV tests - 0
  • Number of outreach workers - 2.
  • Number of persons in secondary exchange - 5.

UNODC budget

12,613.06 LTL