Project information

Project title

"HIV/AIDS prevention and health risk reduction among injecting drug users in Alytus Correction House"
Duration 1 April 2011 - 10 July 2011
Project goal and objectives

The main goal of the project is to provide knowledge on HIV/AIDS and skills how to avoid the risks to contaminate blood borne infections.

Project objectives:

  • To prepare the targeted IDUs education and information programme.
  • To implement targeted IDUs education and information programme.
  • To conduct implemented programme monitoring and evaluation.

During the project implementation IDUs education and information programme was prepared and activities implemented, monitored and assessed according to it. Carried out working groups for IDUs:

  • 1 st group (17 inmates) - 9 seminars
  • 2 nd group (16 inmates) - 9 seminars


In total 33 inmates participated in the trainings during the project implementation.

Seminar topics:

1. Abstinence syndrome and/or risk reduction - what are the objectives?

2. Sexual education:

  • STI prevention;
  • Safe sex;
  • Condom types and their use.

3. Facts about HIV/AIDS and prevention.

4. Hepatitis and other infectious diseases prevention.

5. Different risks for staff health / Vaccines. Newest injecting drugs.

6. Analysis of different value systems.

7. How to avoid negative drug use consequences after release from prison setting?

UNODC budget

10,000.00 LTL