Project information

Project title

"Improvement of HIV/AIDS and drug use prevention among injecting drug users (IDUs)"
Duration 1 April 2011 - 10 July 2011
Project goal and objectives The main goal of the project is to provide knowledge on HIV/AIDS and skills how to avoid the risks to contaminate blood borne infections.

Project objectives:

  • To prepare the targeted IDUs education and information programme.
  • To implement targeted IDUs education and information programme.
  • To conduct implemented programme monitoring and evaluation.

During the project implementation 130 individual consultations were conducted (67 participants: 60 male and 7 female) and 16 group works (41 participants).

Prepared and broadcasted on local radio 7 boradcasts:

  1. What is HIV/AIDS? Prevention importance in Lithuania and situation in the world.
  2. HIV/AIDS impact for human, virus spread, contamination possibilities, HIV resistance.
  3. HIV/AIDS prevention and control in prison settings. General health advices for female and male inmates.
  4. Psychoactive substances, their impact and consequences for human.
  5. Drug addiction reasons and consequences, drug use risks and consequences.
  6. Social rehabilitation, treatment methods, social integration, social exclusion and its reduction for individuals having psychoactive substance dependencies.
  7. Frequently asked questions…


Topics discussed during the meetings:

  • Impact and risk factors of psychoactive substances;
  • Impact and risk factors of psychoactive substances use;
  • Transmission of viruses and bacteria: HIV, hepatitis, TBC, STI;
  • Safe sex;
  • Safer psychoactive substance use;
  • Overdose and first aid;
  • Drug use after release from prison setting.

UNODC budget

10,000.00 LTL