Project information

Project title

"Improvement of HIV/AIDS and drug use prevention among injecting drug users (IDUs) in Kybartai Correction House"
Duration 1 April 2011 - 10 July 2011
Project goal and objectives The main goal of the project is to provide knowledge on HIV/AIDS and skills how to avoid the risks to contaminate blood borne and sexually transmitted infections.

Project objectives:

  • To prepare the targeted IDUs education and information programme.
  • To implement targeted IDUs education and information programme.
  • To conduct implemented programme monitoring and evaluation.
  • To form the basis for project sustainability.

Project was implemented based on the developed targeted IDUs education and information programme. Group works were conducted on the following topics:

  1. Introduction with the main group work principles. Discussion and development of the group work guidelines.
  2. Psychotropic substances.
  3. Use of psychotropic substances and risk factors.
  4. HIV/AIDS. Transmission modes. Consequences.
  5. Viral hepatitis. Transmission modes. Consequences.
  6. Sexual intercourse inside and outside prison settings.
  7. IDUs and sexual orientation. Myths and reality.
  8. How to protect yourself and your sexual partner.
  9. Injecting drug use Risky behaviour
  10. Risk reduction in prison settings.


18 group works were conducted during the project implementation period (2 separate groups, 9 group works) for prisoners using psychoactive substances. In total 25 people participated.

UNODC budget

10,000.00 LTL