Project information

Project title

"Improving HIV/AIDS and drug use prevention among injecting drug users (IDUs)"
Duration 1 April 2011 - 31 August 2011
Project goal and objectives The main goal of the project is to provide knowledge on HIV/AIDS and skills how to avoid the risks to contaminate blood borne infections.

Project objectives:

  • To prepare the targeted IDUs education and information programme.
  • To implement targeted IDUs education and information programme.
  • To conduct implemented programme monitoring and evaluation.

During the project implementation programme "HIV/AIDS and drug use prevention among IDUs improvement" was developed and approved. Seven (7) seminars were conducted for each target group (in total 21 seminar), and 49 inmates participated in the trainings. The average of inmates in each seminar - 14.

Seminar topics:

  1. General information on male and female who are in prison settings health issues;
  2. Influence of psychoactive substances and risk factors;
  3. Transmission of viruses, bacteria and parasites: HIV, Hepatitis, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections;
  4. Safer sexual intercourse in prison settings;
  5. How to protect yourself;
  6. Safer use of psychoactive substances in prison settings;
  7. Skin and mucous breach: acupuncture, tattooing and piercing.

UNODC budget

10,000.00 LTL