Training on organization of outreach work in harm reduction program

(posted 23/09/2008)


UNODC Project Office for the Baltic States together with the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network organized a workshop on "Organization of Outreach Work in Harm Reduction Program". Social and medical workers alongside with the employees from needle and syringe exchange cabinets from Latvia and Lithuania took part in this 4-day training on the 3 rd - 6 th of September in Jūrmala, Latvia. The majority of the participants have already had experience in harm reduction field, but some of them had just started working in the needle and syringe programs or will start the projects in the nearest future. Training was conducted by Elizaveta Berezina from AIDS Foundation East-West and Igor Sobolev from Estonian Network of PLWH.

The main purpose of the training was to improve knowledge and skills on provision of outreach work among injecting drug users.  During the seminar the following topics were covered:

  • Different work methods with HIV positive people and other target groups, which would help to improve the quality of the provided services;
  • Exchange of experience at the local and international levels;
  • Preparation of the detailed work plan for organization of the outreach work in the cities of Latvia and Lithuania;
  • Recruitment and management of personnel for outreach work;
  • Skills for making the first contact with the client and communication with the client in different situations;
  • Preparation of different algorithms for work with complicated clients, etc.


The participants highly assessed the training and acknowledged that they have acquired new knowledge and skills which are practical and will be applied in their daily work.


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