International conference "Harm Reduction Programmes in Europe: practice, problems and perspectives"

(posted 19/05/2008)


UNODC Project Office for the Baltic States in co-operation with Drug Control Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania is organizing an international conference "Harm Reduction Programs in Europe: practice, problems and perspectives". The conference will take place on the 29 - 30 of May, 2008 in Vilnius in Hotel "Panorama" (at Sodu str. 14).

Partners of the conference are Lithuanian Republic Ministry of Health, Police Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Vilnius City Municipality. During the conference, national and international policies on harm reduction and experience from different countries will be presented. The presentations will be held by experts from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, World Health Organization and different European countries. The meeting will be attended by policy makers, public health experts and civil society organizations.

For further information, please, contact UNODC Project Office for the Baltic States.


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