"Thank you" award for UNODC Regional Project Coordinator Signe Rotberga

(posted 03/06/2008)


"Thank you" awards were presented during the Second Eastern Europe and Central Asia AIDS Conference, which brought together more than 2000 participants from 53 countries in Moscow on the 3 rd-5 th of May 2008. This award is a sign of gratitude for the ones who are helping and supporting people living with HIV and trying to ensure a better living for them.

"This award is given not for people who just do their work, but for the ones who are humans in their work" - said the head of association of PLWHA "Pozityvus gyvenimas" Jurgis Andriuška, who brought the awards from the conference in Moscow to Lithuania and handed them over to the winners. UNODC Project Office for the Baltic States Regional Project Coordinator Signe Rotberga was nominated and awarded for her long-lasting input towards HIV/AIDS prevention and care issues in the Baltic States and other regions.

Representatives from the all 14 "Eastern European and Central Asian Union of people living with HIV Organizations" countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan) and four people from other countries awarded for their work on national, international, regional and global levels.


(from left to right): Julija Rakickienė - Head of the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Cabinet, Hospital of Imprisonment Institutions, Lithuania; Jurgis Andriuška - Head of association of PLWHA "Pozityvus gyvenimas"; Signe Rotberga - Regional Project Coordinator, UNODC Project Office for the Baltic States


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