Evaluation of the access to HIV/AIDS treatment and care in Latvia

(posted 06/04/2009)


From 9 - 12 March 2009, WHO and UNODC experts visited Riga to evaluate access to HIV/AIDS treatment and care in Latvia. The evaluation has been requested by the Latvian Ministry of Health and Coordination Commission on HIV, TB and STIs. The main aim of the evaluation is to give practical input to Latvia for developing the area of HIV treatment and care in the context of difficult economic situation in the country and limited resources for health sector.  For that the evaluation will assess and give recommendations on three main areas: structures and systems in place, coverage and quality of HIV treatment services, pricing and procurement policies of ARV therapy.  Experts will also examine whether the principles of equity and non-discrimination are applied to most at risk groups such as drug users and prisoners.

During the mission experts met with key decision-makers at the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice, service providers representing Latvian Infectology Centre, Riga Centre of Psychiatry and Addictions, State TB Agency, Prison Administration, experts on financing and procurement as well as civil society organizations. At the end of the mission, the initial findings and recommendations were presented in a meeting chaired by Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Health Juris Bundulis.  The evaluation report will be submitted in May 2009.






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