Presentation of the Methadone Maintenance Protocol

(posted 01/06/2009)


On the 7 th of May, 2009 a national scientific-practical seminar for the presentation and discussion of new methodology for methadone maintenance therapy took place in Kaunas. The seminar was organized by UNODC in cooperation with Vilnius University, Lithuanian Psychiatrists' Association, Psychiatric Clinic of Vilnius University and Vilnius Centre of Addiction Disorders. The event was attended by about 50 representatives from the Ministry of Health, researchers and practitioners from addiction centres and mental health clinics. During the seminar the new methadone therapy protocol was presented. The protocol has been developed by Lithuanian experts within UNODC project, and comments on it have been received from WHO.

In the opening of the seminar, participants were welcomed by Andžela Slušnienė, Chief Specialist of Personal Health Care Department from Ministry of Heath. Signe Rotberga, Regional Project Coordinator, presented an overview about the main objectives of the UNODC project and the results achieved so far. The new methadone maintenance protocol was presented by Emilis Subata, director of Vilnius Centre of Addiction Disorders and Vita Danilevičiūtė, the Chairperson of Psychiatric Clinic of Vilnius University. Participants also exchanged experience and analysed clinical approaches applied in specific cases of their patients. A new educational material "Diagnostic, Treatment and Social Support of Opioid Dependent People" prepared with UNODC support was presented and disseminated to all participants.


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