International Conference on Prison Health Protection

(posted 15/12/2009)


UNODC  Project  Office  for  the  Baltic  States  supported participation  of  Baltic  delegation at a  conference   "Prison   health   protection:  What   Works in  the  Prevention   and  Control  of  Major  Communicable   Diseases  in   Prison",   which   was held  in  Madrid  on 29-31  October 2009. The  conference   was   organized by a  partnership  of  governmental   (Spanish   Ministry  of  Health  and  Consumer   Affairs,   Spanish   Ministry   of   Interior), non-governmental (AFEW,    Sainsbury   Foundation),  regional  and    international   organizations   (EMCDDA, WHO-EURO  and  UNODC).  It  was  attended  by  over   300   delegates  from   more   than  65  countries.  Spain   was   chosen  as  the  venue because of its success  in  addressing  serious public health challenges in  prison,  particularly  those  relating  to drug use.



From left to right: Remigijus Gliaudelis, Evija Dompalma, Valērijs Sergejevs, Regina Fedosejeva, Signe Rotberga

The aim of the conference was to present and discuss, in plenary and workshop sessions, evidence about the prevention and treatment of drug dependence, HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis C, sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases in the prison context; and to share best practices in implementing prison health services.

Regina Fedosejeva, Head of Medical Department of the Latvian Prison Administration gave presentations on control of tuberculosis in Latvian prisons and effects of the global economic crisis on prison medicine in Latvia. Vladas Kasperunas, Head of Medical Department of the Lithuanian Prison Department presented an overview about HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis epidemiology in the prisons of Lithuania.

A document, the Madrid Recommendation, was presented to the final plenary and it is now undergoing a final round of written consultations.


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