Presentation of Intervision Guidelines

(posted 15/06/2010)


On 18 May 2010, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers from methadone programmes in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania attended a training seminar "Intervision as a tool for enhancing quality of methadone maintenance therapy". The seminar took place in Riga and its main goals were to present intervision guidelines developed within the on-going UNODC project, to exchange experience of the pilot phase and to discuss the possibilities to implement intervision in methadone maintenance programmes in the Baltic States.

Franz Trautmann from Trimbos instituut (the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health) presented the aims and process of intervision. Intervision is an "intercollegial" learning method in a group of equals for increasing knowledge, improving skills and personal functioning of staff.  Following the initial training of personnel that took place in 2009, intervision was field-tested in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania among staff of methadone maintenance programmes. This demonstrated the effectiveness and appropriateness of this approach in dealing with treatment issues and learning from other colleagues.

During the seminar, intervision was conducted for regional multi-disciplinary groups comprising psychiatrists, nurses and social workers.  The participants highly assessed the usefulness of intervision and developed proposals for introduction of this learning method in the Baltic states.

Intervision guidelines in English, Latvian, Lithuanian.


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