Lithuanian arrest houses' personnel discuss new order on continuation of pharmacotherapy with methadone

(posted 12/05/2010)


28 April 2010 UNODC in cooperation with Vilnius University Medicine Faculty, Ministry of Interior  and Vilnius Centre for Addictive Disorders organized training "Arrest and dependence diseases: medical treatment and pharmacotherapy in police arrest houses" for health care specialists working in Lithuanian Police arrest houses. The aim of this training was to ensure successful implementation of the new guidelines describing the order for handing over prescribed medication (methadone and buprenorphine) for persons in custody. The new guidelines were prepared in February 2010 by Lithuanian Police Department.

During the training participants were informed about the medical care for individuals who are dependent on psychoactive substances, about testing, control and prevention of epidemiologically significant infectious diseases, improved their knowledge about medical and psychological services, implementation of doctor's prescribed treatment and provision of pharmaceuticals for the individuals in the arrest houses. They also observed the organization of pharmacotherapy with methadone in Vilnius Centre for Addictive Disorders. The participants shared their experience related to cooperation with community health care services and discussed the positive effect of pharmacotherapy with methadone continuation for patients' who are in custody.

Training was conducted by the specialists from Vilnius Centre for Addictive Disorders and Health Care Service Division of the Ministry of the Interior.


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