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Human trafficking is a crime that strips people of their rights, ruins their dreams, and robs them of their dignity.

The Blue Heart Campaign encourages everyone to get involved: raise awareness and inspire action to help stop human trafficking and to fight its impact on society. It also allows people to show solidarity with the victims by wearing the Blue Heart.

How to Support or Join the Campaign?


How to get involved

We would like to encourage everyone around the globe: individuals, non-profit organizations, the private / corporate sector, intergovernmental organizations and Member States alike to join the Campaign. For this, and to use the Blue Heart logo, you will only have to follow a few simple rules.

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Governments should be a State Party to the Protocol to Prevent, Punish and Suppress Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children, supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. Alternatively, governments should have taken steps towards the ratification of, or accession to, the Trafficking in Persons Protocol. The same applies to regional economic integration organizations which became parties to the Convention.
Other international organizations which seek to use the Blue Heart should clearly indicate their support for the Protocol and the definition of trafficking in persons contained therein.


Other entities, individuals

All other entities, such as civil society or the corporate / private sector, as well as individuals must demonstrate commitment to supporting the spirit and meaning of the Trafficking in Persons Protocol. Any activities carried out within the framework of the Blue Heart Campaign must be in line with the objectives of the Protocol and not be used to support other causes not included in the Protocol.

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The Trafficking in Persons Protocol in a nutshell

Adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2000, it is the first and only international instrument with an agreed definition on trafficking in persons. It supports a comprehensive approach, at international, regional and national levels, to prevent human trafficking, to punish the traffickers and to protect and assist the victims, with full respect for their human rights.


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