Use of the Blue Heart

Participants in the Blue Heart campaign are encouraged to advocate widely and express their support for the fight against human trafficking and UNODC's principles. For such activities, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime authorizes participants and other stakeholders to use the modified Blue Heart. Please note that the following conditions apply for the use of the Blue Heart Logo:

  • The Blue Heart must be placed in such a manner that it is clear from the context which organization the "We" refers to.
  • The Blue Heart may not be sub-licensed to any other entity without the prior written consent of UNODC
  • The Blue Heart is not to be used in any manner that suggests or implies that UNODC has endorsed or approved of the activities, products, and/or services of the organization, or that UNODC is the source of any such activities, products or services.

Because it represents the identity of the International Campaign, the branding/logo can only be used as designed and produced and as available to download from the UNODC page.

Its design CANNOT be changed or edited in any way.

When the branding is used, appropriate recognition must be given to UNODC, i.e. "international/UN campaign co-ordinated by UNODC" and a link made to UNODC Blue Heart campaign website where possible.

As long as the activities, products and materials are consistent with the goals, objectives and messages of the campaign, the logo can be used without permission for the following activities or products:

  • Information and promotional campaigns
  • Awareness activities, newsletters and journal articles
  • Web sites, radio and television programmes, or advertisements
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Promotional items

The International anti-human trafficking campaign and branding should not be used to endorse commercial products or services. Thus, the name, slogan and branding/logo cannot be used in any manner that suggests a direct product and services endorsement.

Likewise, the slogan and branding/logo should not be used in anyway which misrepresent the objectives of the campaign or which undermine the corporate image or policies/activities of UNODC.

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