Belgian Events for the Blue Heart Campaign

Since 2019, Belgian stakeholders have been organising different events around the country for World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, the EU Anti-Trafficking Day, and in support of the Blue Heart Campaign.
Every year, on the occasion of the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, statues are dressed up in blue and showcasing the Blue Heart's campaign such as the Mannekenpis in Brussels and Fonske in Leuven. Moreover, iconic buildings in Brussels and other Belgian cities are lit up in blue, such as the European Parliament, Brugge City Hall, and Mechelen City Hall. The color blue symbolizes the sadness of those who are trafficked while reminding of the cold-heartedness of those who buy and sell fellow human beings.
In addition to these annual celebrations, specific events are organised every year to raise awareness on the conditions of the victims of human trafficking and to encourage a multilateral and collective response.

Previous Events for World Anti-Trafficking Day

2021 - Photo Exhibit with PAG-ASA

2020 - Live-Streamed UNODC Concert

2019 - Lal Batti ("Red Light") Express Play