National Goodwill Ambassador against Human Trafficking

- Ozark Henry -

Since his appointment in October 2015, UNODC's Belgian Goodwill Ambassador Ozark Henry  has championed UNODC's work in the fight against human trafficking, through outreach events such as concerts, cine ONU screenings, media interviews, television appearances and via his social media channels. He has recently been granted the ‘Prof Award 2021 for innovation’ as a recognition for his work in immersive sound and spatial audio.

In his capacity as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, Orzak Henry has been invited on numerous occasions by Members of the Belgian Federal Government, as well as by the Belgian Monarchy, to perform and participate in panel discussions with a special focus on human trafficking at high level events. He has also teamed up with Belgian companies such as with Brussels Airlines and more recently with the Brussels public transport operator STIB-MIVB, to promote the Blue Heart Campaign.