Partnership with NATO


The partnership between NATO and UNODC allows both organisations to promote peace, justice, and strong institutions by strengthening international cooperation in combating illicit drug trafficking and organised crime. 

Its technical cooperation initiatives provide an excellent opportunity for cross-fertilisation of expertise and experiences for multiple law enforcement officers to build capacities to address the complex challenges posed by drug trafficking and organised crime, 

The relations between the  United Nations and NATO have been cooperating in the area of maintaining international peace and security since the early 1990s, in support of peace-support and crisis-management operations. In September 2008, building on the experience of over a decade of working together, the Secretaries-General of both the UN and NATO  agreed to establish a framework for expanded consultation and cooperation. 

Since the signing of the 2008  UN-NATO framework, cooperation has continued to develop in a practical way, taking into account each organisation’s specific mandate, expertise, procedures and capabilities. Regular exchanges and dialogue at senior and working levels on political and operational issues have become a standard feature of the inter-institutional relationship. 

Operational Cooperation

In early 2016 NATO and UNODC  joined efforts to support partners in Central Asia build technical capacities and skills to address the drug control challenges that impact their region and the world.