UNODC supports the practical implementation of international drug policy commitments to address and counter the world drug problem through support on prevention, production, trafficking, and rehabilitation.

UNODC partners with the EU in West Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East to respond to drugs and related organised crime, to research and analyse trends, and to increase resilience of vulnerable communities.

Learn more about UNODC’s work on drug prevention, treatment and care, and on laboratory and forensic science.

Support to implementation of the action plan of Bolivia’s 2021-2025 Strategy against illicit trafficking of controlled substances and control of coca cultivation

Response to Drugs and Related Organized Crime in Nigeria

Launched in 2022, this programme aims to support national efforts to fight drug trafficking and reduce surplus coca crops through support for reliable data and analysis, drug demand reduction, and regional cooperation. 

The "Response to Drugs and Related Organized Crime in Nigeria" project commenced in January 2013 with the overall goal to support the Nigerian Government in its efforts to curb the production, trafficking and use of illicit drugs as well as of prescription drugs for non-medical purposes, including through improved interdiction and enforcement, prevention and treatment.