UNODC’s cooperation with the EU to prevent and counter terrorism seeks to strengthen criminal justice systems, ensure compliance of legal frameworks with international legal instruments, strengthen mechanisms to counter the financing of and prosecute acts of terrorism, and work with relevant partners to prevent violent extremism that can lead to terrorism.

The EU-UNODC project portfolio includes global normative support, trans-regional cooperation, rapid response actions, and technical assistance in priority countries.

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STRIVE Juvenile

Union support for the universalization and the effective implementation of the ICSANT

Launched in 2021, the UNODC’s EU-funded 'STRIVE Juvenile: Preventing and Responding to Violence against Children by Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups'  project partners with Indonesia, Iraq and Nigeria to develop and implement comprehensive national responses to prevent and counter terrorism and violent extremism affecting children. 

With EU support, UNODC has partnered with UNCCT/UNOCT since 2019 to make progress towards the universalization and the effective implementation of the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism (ICSANT).