Global / Trans-regional Projects

EU-UNODC cooperation for global and trans-regional projects represents over 20% of the ongoing portfolio. Tackling organised crime and preventing terrorism through international cooperation is a main focus of this work, including actions to respond to global illicit flows, wildlife crime, firearms trafficking, human trafficking and migrant smuggling, and violent extremism. The EU is also an important UNODC partner for normative, policy and research activities, including on drugs and corruption.

Establishment of real-time operational communication between international airports in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean (AIRCOP V)

Strengthening criminal investigation and criminal justice cooperation along the cocaine route (CRIMJUST I and II)

STRIVE Juvenile

Supporting the Management of Violent Extremist Prisoners and the Prevention of Radicalisation to Violence in Prisons

Support to the implementation of the second review cycle of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)

Union support for the universalization and the effective implementation of the ICSANT