Supporting rule of law compliant investigations and prosecutions

Maghreb region



PROJECT DURATION: March 2014 - March 2019



LOCATION: Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria. Mauritania will also benefit from the regional activities undertaken under the project


  EUROPEAN COMMISSION - DG DEVCO    UN Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate    UNODC

OBJECTIVE: This project is the main vehicle for the implementation of the Thematic Programme on Terrorism Prevention for 2012-2015. The project is based on and corresponds to the terrorism prevention elements of the UN Strategic Frameworks for 2014-2015 (Sub-programme 4) and the UNODC Strategy for the period 2012-2015 (Sub-programme 3) establishing the objectives and results that the Office is mandated to achieve in the area of terrorism prevention.

The overall objective of the project is to increase the capacity of criminal justice and law enforcement officials to effectively investigate, prosecute and adjudicate terrorism cases in the Maghreb, in line with the relevant international legal instruments and human rights norms, standards and good practices. There are two specific objectives:

  • Strengthen national-level counter-terrorism legal framework and capacity regarding human rights compliant investigation and prosecution of terrorist cases, in order to ensure that criminal justice responses to terrorism fully integrate and incorporate rule-of law-standards and are founded on an evidence-based system; and
  • Strengthen the capacity of the Maghreb countries for enhanced participation in regional and global counter-terrorism efforts and co-operation.



  • Expected result I: Strengthened national legal framework against terrorism in full compliance with rule of law and human right:
  • Output: National counter-terrorism law developed in conformity with the international legal framework against terrorism
  • Expected result II: National policies and strategies on criminal justice aspects of terrorism prevention, based on the international legal framework and standards, developed.
  • Output: Strengthened national capacity and enhanced regional dialogue to prevent terrorism. 
  • Expected result III: Enhanced implementation of counter-terrorism legislation in accordance with the rule of law and with due respect for human rights, by specially trained national officials in criminal justice entities who are appointed to work on counter-terrorism matters.
  • Output: Enhanced expertise of a select group of criminal justice officials to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate terrorism-related offences, in full compliance with relevant legal instruments and good practices
  • Output: Strengthened capacity of relevant National Training Institutions (schools and institutes responsible for training curricula for criminal justice entities) to provide legal counterterrorism training to criminal justice officials 
  • Expected result IV: Enhanced capacity of beneficiary countries in regional and international cooperation related to terrorism, especially in matters related to terrorism activities in border areas.
  • Output: Enhanced expertise of nominated criminal justice officials with respect to international cooperation in criminal matters pertaining to terrorism.
  • Output: Strengthened inter-agency collaboration through joint work developed by focal points appointed to follow-up work with UNODC/TPB and CTED


The immediate beneficiaries of this project are criminal justice officials likely to deal with counter-terrorism issues and/or international cooperation in criminal matters.  These include:

  • Judges and prosecutors serving in courts and tribunals, and junior magistrates.
  • Officials from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Police forces, Gendarmerie, Special Police Units (e.g. anti-terrorism), law enforcement officials dealing with the investigation of terrorist offences
  • Members of specialised parliamentary committees
  • Civil society representatives, as relevant.


The final beneficiaries will be the citizens of the Maghreb countries, which will benefit from increased security and reduction in terrorist activities.  Indirectly the citizens of the EU and all countries around the world will benefit from enhanced counter-terrorism capacities in the region and related international cooperation by the beneficiary countries.



Periodical updates on key project events and news highlights on UNODC's Terrorism Prevention are available here



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Programme Officer

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