Supporting Global Data Collection and Analysis on Firearms Trafficking and Fostering Cooperation and Information Sharing, in particular Among Countries along Major Trafficking Routes to/from the EU


PROJECT DURATION: April 2017 - April 2019







The objective of the project is to support data collection and analysis on illicit firearms trafficking at national, regional and global levels with a view to monitoring and mapping trafficking flows, fostering effective international cooperation in tracing and information sharing, and combating illicit trafficking and related crimes. It also seeks to establish a regular data collection mechanism of statistical data and information on firearms seizures and trafficking based on an internationally agreed methodology and best practices, including the 2015 UNODC Firearms Study. The project also contributes to collect and produce statistical data to monitor Target 16.4 of the SDGs.

The expected outcomes of the project:

  • Development tools: to standardized methodology for data collection and analysis to develop knowledge on trends and patterns of firearm trafficking and to foster data and information exchange and cooperation in tracing
  • Expected outputs: revision and update of data collection methodology; development of reporting tools and guidelines; provision to requesting countries of  firearms record keeping tool
  • Technical assistance: to enhanced capacity to collect and analyse crime and firearms related data at national and international level. Outputs include regional workshops to raise awareness and knowledge on data collection and analysis, foster information exchange and cooperation in tracing and investigations
  • Expected outputs:  regional workshops to raise awareness and knowledge on data collection methodologies and analysis; foster information exchange and cooperation in tracing and investigating trafficking cases
  • Research and analysis: to increase knowledge and regular monitoring of the transnational nature, routes and modus operandi used in firearms trafficking, and their links to other serious crimes
  • Expected outputs: collection, validation and dissemination of data from member States; periodic research briefs and analytical outputs to present statistical data and information, and findings on firearms trafficking in routes; including, where possible, national, regional or thematic specific analysis.


Short term beneficiaries include officials participating in project activities (ca. 300 persons). Medium term beneficiaries are national institutions where beneficiaries work or with which they have contact. In the long term, improved data collection and analysis practices will contribute to the overall security of Member States through better informed policy making, enhanced information exchange and cooperation in tracing, leading to more effective action against illicit firearms trafficking.



Periodical updates on key project events and news highlights on UNODC's Firearms Global Programme are available here



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Simonetta Grassi

Head of the Programme/Legal Officer

Global Firearms Programme


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