UNODC and the EU cooperate currently in 48 ongoing projects around the world, with a total financial contribution of about €229,440,942.59 provided by the EU. The joint projects are funded under different EU external action instruments, and address issues spanning all areas in UNODC's mandate. With this broad range of geographical and thematic cooperation, the EU is one of UNODC's most important and valued operational partners globally. For more detailed information on currently ongoing projects, as well as the closed initiatives, please click on the project names below.             

Regional  Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries 



Asia Wildlife Enforcement and Demand Management Project


The Programme is UNODC's framework to support the countries of West and Central Asia to develop regional and international joint responses to counter the harmful impact of illicit narcotics trafficking and transnational organized crime on security, governance and social and economic development.  Read more»



The project aims to address the serious and growing problem of international trade and demand for key African wildlife species in Asia, in particular African elephants, rhinos and pangolins, as well also targeting efforts to reduce the illegal killing of key Asian wildlife species impacted by international trade, such as the Asian elephants, rhinos and tigers.  Read more»     


Assistance Programme to the Implementation of the Action Plan for the Strategy for the Fight against Drug Trafficking and Reduction of Surplus Coca Cultivation in Bolivia 



Global Action against Trafficking in Persons and the Smuggling of Migrants - GLO.ACT


Bolivia is the third coca producing country in the world. In 2013, the official figures reported 23.000 ha under coca bush cultivation, which need to be controlled and monitored. Regional cooperation is a key policy for the generation of synergies in the fight against drugs.  Read more» 


The overall objective of the project is to build more effective national and international prevention of and responses to trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants with full respect for human rights.  Read more»

Strengthening the management of violent extremist prisoners and the prevention of radicalisation to violence in prisons        UNCAC review mechanism

The overall objective is to contribute to strengthening the resilience of societies against violent extremism and radicalisation to violence while respecting human rights standards while the specific objective focus on increase the capacity of selected beneficiary countries to effectively manage violent extremist prisoners and to prevent radicalisation to violence in their prison systems.  Read more»



The general objective and expected impact of this project proposal is that States parties participate actively and effectively in the Implementation Review Mechanism of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.  Read more» 

Global Project on Strengthening the Legal Regime against Foreign Terrorist Fighters in the Middle East, North Africa and South Eastern Europe      Support for Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism and Violent Extremism in Nigeria

The main objectives of the project are to strengthen national legal frameworks against FTFs as well as to train criminal justice and law enforcement officials to deal with specific legal aspects related to countering FTF at the national and regional levels and enhance international, regional and sub-regional cooperation in this respect.  Read more» 


Support for Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism and Violent Extremism is the third phase of the EU-UNODC partnership to support Nigeria to prevent and counter-terrorism through human rights-compliant criminal justice measures against terrorism.  Read more»

Response to Drugs and Related Organised Crime in Nigeria      

Cross -  Regional Wildlife Conservation in Eastern and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean


To promote good governance and security in Nigeria, the project will support Nigeria's efforts in fighting drug production, trafficking, and use, and in curbing organised crime.  Read more»


The overall objective of the project is to reduce the demand for trafficking and illegal killing of key African and Asian wildlife species. The project specific outcome is to strengthen the prevention, investigation and prosecution of wildlife crimes affecting key wildlife species, especially elephants, rhinos, pangolins and tigers.   Read more» 


Pakistan's Action to Counter Terrorism with Special Reference to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    Strengthening criminal investigation and criminal justice along the Cocaine Route in Latin America, the Caribbean and Western Africa



The project has been developed jointly by the Government of Pakistan and UNODC with an aim to strengthening the processes related to preinvestigations, investigations, prosecutions and adjudication of terrorism related cases.  Read more»


Drug trafficking and related organized crime are not only undermining security and public health in affected communities, but also threatening governance and the rule of law. For many countries along the cocaine route the problems associated with cocaine trafficking have reached acute levels.   Read more» 


Establishment of real-time operational communication between international airports in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean


Strengthening the rule of law through improved human rights based criminal justice systems in Lebanon  


The overall objective is to build detection and interdiction capacities for drugs and other illicit goods, as well as high-risk passengers at selected international airports in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.  Read more»


This project would seek to address Lebanon's low rule of law/human rights compliant performance in terms of handling adult's prisoners with offences related to terrorism with a particular attention to children.   Read more» 

Strengthening criminal investigation and criminal justice along the Cocaine Route in Latin America, the Caribbean and Western Africa (Phase II)    

Renforcement des capacités nationales et régionales des forces d'application de la loi, des procureurs et du système judiciaire et renforcement de la coopération entre les États membres de la CEEAC pour lutter contre la criminalité liée aux espèces sauvages et le trafic illicite des ressources naturelles  


The overall objective of the Action is to prevent and fight organised crime in general, and drug trafficking in particular, along the cocaine route(s) in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa in line with international legal instruments and human rights standards.  Read more»  


The main objective of the project is the law enforcement and strengthened the judicial institutions among ECCAS member states to reduce wildlife crime and illicit trafficking of natural resources in Central Africa.  Read more»

Strengthening the Administration of Justice and Operationalizing Alternatives to Imprisonment in Kenya     Building Regional Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism Capacity in South Eastern Europe 

The general objective of the Project is to strengthen efficiency in delivery of judicial services,  reinforce the ability of the justice sector to address and redress economic and political grievances thus strengthening the legitimacy of the rule of law in Kenya.  Read more»


The objective of the Action is two-fold: (i) enhance the ability of the six Western Balkan jurisdictions to detect, deter and prosecute money laundering, financing of terrorism, including foreign terrorist fighters (ii) enhance the ability of the six Western Balkan jurisdictions for inter-agency and international cooperation on anti-money laundering, combating terrorism financing and asset recovery.  Read more»

Strengthening criminal justice systems in West and Central Africa     Upgrading Karamah Border Crossing Point: Improved Access to Economic Development and Enhanced Stability 

The overall objective of the project is to improve maritime security and safety in the Gulf of Guinea in the ECOWAS Region.  Read more»    


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the economic recovery and stability of Jordan and the region while ensuring that security risks are mitigated in cross border movements of goods and people.  Read more»




Wildlife law enforcement in targeted countries and international coordination improved      

Direct award to support the establishment of detailed factual picture of the worldwide drug situation and trends by UNODC


The overall objective of the EU action is to reinforce security in targeted countries, protect biodiversity in key ecosystems and improve livelihoods of local communities, where they are impacted by wildlife trafficking. Support to ICCWC. Read more»  

    The key objective of this Action is the strengthening of national and international drugs statistics that would allow to obtain a more accurate picture of the drugs situation in the world.  Read more»   

Support for the universalization and the effective implementation of the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism (ICSANT)

    Review of the implementation of UNTOC
ICSANT is one of the 19 international legal instruments against terrorism that UNODC is mandated to promote by the United Nations General Assembly.  Read more»             The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its three Protocols represent the principal international legal instruments against transnational organized crime.  Read more»     

Countering transnational illicit Arms trafficking through the implementation of the UNTOC and its Firearms Protocol


Promoting rule of law and good governance through targeted border control measures at ports and airports


Illicit trafficking in firearms is a central element of the core business of many organized crime groups as well as terrorist organizations. Illicit firearms are used to gain leverage in various forms of criminality, for intimidation, coercion and in gang violence.  Read more»     This project is aimed at enhancing the capacities of authorities in the Western Balkans to fight organized crime, by supporting more effective and coordinated responses to illicit trafficking by border law enforcement at land and port border crossing points and international airports in the region. Read more» 

Strengthening  International Cooperation and mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters with a focus on Organized Crime and Terrorism in Jordan 

    Dismantling human trafficking and migrant smuggling criminal networks operating in North Africa

The project falls under the EU Action 'Support to the Rule of Law in Jordan' and builds on EU policy documents in the field of Rule of Law and Law Enforcement as well as recommendations and lessons learned from previous EU actions and UNODC interventions.  Read more»

    The project aims to build the capacities of relevant institutions and ministries to effectively dismantle criminal networks involved in human trafficking and smuggling of migrants in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco, while at the same time upholding the rights of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable groups.  Read more»
Promoting maritime governance through the regional centres (MASE)    

Programme to Support the maritime safety and security in strategy in Central Africa


The overall objective of the programme is to promote regional maritime governance through the adaptation of national legislative and regulatory frameworks, as well as enhancing capacity of criminal justice actors to effectively counter the evolving maritime threats in the Indian Ocean.  Read more»


Under the lead of ECCAS, the overall objective of the project is to reinforce the safety and security in the maritime domain in the Gulf of Guinea in ECCAS Region.  Read more»

Safeguarding Sport from Corruption, in Asia and the Pacific      Implementation of the Anti-corruption Action Plan in Greece 
Significant risks of corruption and criminality have accompanied the dramatic evolution of sports over the last decade, resulting in activities designed to exploit the above for illicit and often illegal gain.  Read more»       UNODC is supporting the Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan in Greece in the course of two projects.  Read more»     
Strengthening Resilience to Violent Extremism in Asia - STRIVE    

Early warning and Rapid Response in the northern border of Ecuador


The objective of the project is to strengthen the prevention and countering of violent extremism in Central, South and Southeast Asia, through a multi-stakeholder approach that includes governments, civil society organizations and, where appropriate, the private sector.  Read more»


The objective of the project is to develop an early warning and rapid response system to effectively detect and respond to human rights violations at the Northern Border.  Read more»


Capacity building training and mentoring for Maritime Law enforcement - SOMALI


Integrated Border Management in Jordan

The aim of this project is to equip the Somali Maritime Police Unit to assume control and protect the Somali coastlines creating a smooth transition for when the African Union Mission withdraws from Somalia.  Read more»  
    The project falls under the EU Action 'Support to Integrated Border Management in Jordan' under the EU-Jordan Single Support Framework 2017-2020, which includes the cooperation in upgrading border management and preventing violent extremism, as well as the support to the country's macro-economic stability and enhancing social and economic development.  Read more» 

Southern Africa Migration Management (SAMM) Project

    Port Security and Safety of Navigation in Eastern and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean 

The Project’s objective is to improve migration management in the Southern Africa and Indian Ocean region. Read more»

    The objective of the project is to promote and strengthen port security and maritime safety management systems developed in ports within the East African, Southern African and Indian Ocean Region. Read more»



Support to Maldives on Counter-Terrorism

    Support to Sri Lanka on Counter-Terrorism
The objective is to strengthen the capacity of the Maldivian law enforcement agencies to prevent and combat terrorism in the archipelago. Read more»      The objective is to build institutional capacity building to effectively prevent/detect, investigate, prosecute and adjudicate terrorism cases in Sri Lanka. Read more»



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