Law enforcement and demand management of wildlife in Asia


PROJECT DURATION: May 2016 -  May 2020



LOCATION: Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka





The UNODC-CITES Asia Wildlife Enforcement and Demand Management Project aims to address the serious and growing problem of international trade and demand for key African wildlife species in Asia, in particular African elephants, rhinos and pangolins, as well also targeting efforts to reduce the illegal killing of key Asian wildlife species impacted by international trade, such as the Asian elephants, rhinos and tigers. 

To achieve this, the project will work towards:

  • Strengthening capacity and awareness in Asian countries aimed at combating illegal trade in key wildlife species, in particular strengthening national-level legal frameworks for combatting wildlife trafficking and crime;
  • Strengthening capacity for investigating and prosecuting wildlife trade incidents and tackling local markets;
  • Building collaboration in wildlife crime and trafficking prevention nationally and regionally;
  • Documenting and combatting illegal killing of key Asian wildlife species in key protected areas;
  • And strengthening measures to increase understanding of governments and decision makers concerning the impact of wildlife trade on the conservation status of key species. 


The project builds on a number of previous initiatives being implemented by CITES and UNODC in Africa and Asia. This include the work conducted by UNODC under its  Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime, a four-year programme designed to strengthen the capacity of Member States to prevent, investigate, prosecute and adjudicate wildlife crimes and enhance wildlife law enforcement networks at regional and sub-regional levels, through initiatives such as the   UNODC - ICCWC Wildlife Forest Crime Analytical Toolkit.



Periodical updates on key project events and news highlights on UNODC's fight against wildlife and forest crime here



Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific

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Regional Coordinator

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