List of Initiatives and Programmes

UNODC Programme for Central Asia:

The Programme for Central Asia represents the overarching strategic framework under which UNODC provides technical assistance within the Central Asian States. The sub-programmes (SP) that come under are the following:

SP 1 - Countering transnational organized crime, illicit drug trafficking and preventing terrorism

SP 2 - Criminal Justice, crime prevention and integrity

SP 3 - Drug prevention, treatment and reintegration and HIV prevention

SP 4 - Research and trend analysis

Regional initiatives:

  • NATO-UNODC Partnership for Counter Narcotics Training
  • Countering the trafficking of Afghan opiates via the northern route by enhancing the capacity of key border crossings points and through the establishment of Border Liaison Offices
  • Drug law enforcement systems for criminal intelligence collection, analysis, exchange and Intelligence led policing
  • Establishment of the Central Asia Regional Information and Coordination Centre (CARICC)

 Global programmes being implemented in the Region:

  • Global Programme for Strengthening the Capacities of Member States to Prevent and Combat Organized and Serious Crimes
  • UNODC-WCO Global Container Control Programme (CCP)
  • Partnership for Action on Comprehensive Treatment (PACT) - Treating drug dependence and its health consequences / OFID-UNODC Joint Programme to prevent HIV/AIDS through Treatnet Phase II
  • Prevention of drug use, HIV/AIDS and crime among young people through family skills training programmes in low- and middle-income countries
  • The Paris Pact Initiative, Phase III - A partnership to counter trafficking and consumption of opiates originating in Afghanistan
  • Global Programme for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration: towards the promotion of a culture of lawfulness.