UNDP and UNODC in cooperation with National AIDS Center of Turkmenistan conducted an educational event for risk groups including sex workers and their partners. The event took place in the Ashgabat nightclub "RUHYBELENT" on 29 November 2009. The event was aimed at raising the awareness of risk groups about the consequences of drug use. Similar educational events are held on the regular basis.
This event promoted healthy lifestyles, gender equality and human rights. The event went beyond discussion of current social problems and also prompted participants to suggest ways of solving them. To stimulate the participants' interest in the event and to make it more effective, entertainment and contest were included in the program and the winners were awarded with valuable prizes.
The project helped risk groups to learn more about negative consequences of drug use. In addition, the participants of the event will spread the received information among their peers; thereby raise the number of people reached by the project.