Evidence-based family skills training programme successfully piloted in Uzbekistan

  The second implementation cycle of the programme "Families and Schools Together" (FAST) was conducted in two pilot schools in Uzbekistan in September-November 2013, within the framework of UNODC's global project "Prevention of drug use, HIV/AIDS and crime among young people through family skills training programmes in low- and middle-income countries".

20 facilitators (teachers, psychologists and parents) were selected from the pilot schools to implement FAST for 50 families. The cycle started with a 2 day training aimed at training facilitators by five interns - trainers under the supervision of two international FAST trainers invited from Great Britain. The training was followed by 8 sessions. The final session was conducted in both pilot schools. Families prepared a concert with children singing, dancing and doing small performances. Confident and happy kids together with theirs classmates, brothers and sisters participated in the concert with enthusiasm. The graduation ceremony was attended by Mr. Abdugani Kholbekov, Deputy Minister of Public Education who awarded the families with certificates of completion of the FAST programme. He noted that the project outputs were achieved and expressed readiness from the Ministry to continue working with UNODC on scaling up the FAST programme and developing possible mechanisms for ensuring programme  sustainability.

 The evaluation of the implementation of the programme in Uzbekistan demonstrated significant positive changes for the children and their families. In general, parents reported stronger bonds with their child, and a ability to cope better with stress. Child well-being reported on by parents and teachers in questionnaires improved at home and school, and academic skills increased.


"I thought that my mom didn't care about my problems and I was afraid to ask her to help but now we are close friends and I show her my poems" .

(boy in the 2nd grade)


"I liked this programme  very much. I met new friends here. I don't want FAST to end " .

(1st grader)


"We want the programme to continue! Our family became more united and we found ways to have fun in school!".



"This boy was so shy that we had never heard his voice before but he sang loudly during the graduation ceremony! His mother and all the school staff were happy and proud " .

(Deputy Principal of the school )