Introducing geoinformation systems in law enforcement analytical activities

As part of the capacity building component of law enforcement bodies, analysts of Coordination and Analysis Unit (CAU) of the UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia (ROCA)  delivered a specialized training on "ArcGIS 10.0: Basics in Working with Geoinformation Systems" for the staff of law enforcement training centres/academies and agencies of Tajikistan. The training included participants from the Drug Control Agency, MoI Academy, MoI, Institute for Qualification improvement of State Customs Service and State Customs Service. The training aimed at strengthening skills in data handling and introduction of GIS system in a day-to-day activity of law enforcement bodies. During the interactive training participants expanded their knowledge on the main ArcGIS tools needed for mapping of situational factors and applied the gained skills for mapping of crime rate, heroin seizures and pointing individual seizures.

Moreover, CAU analysts shared experience with the participants on the quick ways of data processing and analysis of drug-related data, the use of GIS application in law enforcement activities.

As a result of the training, participants have improved their skills on quick processing of drug-related data in MS Excel, learnt the basics of

ArcGIS 10, and became able to create simple thematic maps of drug seizures/prices.

In order to reinforce the skills in displaying data in maps, participants were recommended to continue self-exercising on ArcGIS. Participants were also informed that during the next advanced GIS training, planned for August 2013, they would be examined to check their skills and would learn more advanced GIS mapping tools and teaching methods for training of their fellow colleagues.

All training materials were distributed among participants, including ROCA geo databases that would allow them to do self-mapping exercises.

Upon completion of the training all participants were presented with certificates in a special closing ceremony attended by the Deputy Director of the Drug Control Agency of Tajikistan.