Men's and Women's Days at ROCA

As Men's Day (February 23) was approaching, female colleagues were figuring out how to properly surprise our ROCA male counterparts. There were many suggestions and ideas, and, finally, we decided to organize a Paintball game. Taking the roots of the holiday into account (previously, the 23rd of February was the day of the Soviet Army), we thought that paintball would be the best choice to remind men how to be men, to vindicate the honor of the team and to survive. We kept this adventure secret until the very date and organized necessary logistics. After work, the whole office gathered at a Park named after Mirzo Ulugbek to celebrate the Men's Day. ROCA men were surprised and excited. Unexpected transformations of men from office employees in conventional suites to soldiers in camouflage made this game even more exciting and fun. While the men were having a battle, we - this time deciding to stick to some gender stereotypes - as loyal women during the war, set the table with delicious refreshments. At the end of the day, everyone was happy: the men had gotten their portion of adrenalin while the women were glad that the men returned from the battlefield safely and enjoyed the surprise. "I've never had such an exciting Men's Day in my life!", "Most wonderful men's day I have ever had!" were some of the comments of ROCA men.

Two weeks later, ROCA men had the difficult task to outperform us and come up with a creative way of celebrating the International Women's Day on the 8 th of March. All women were lost in conjectures about what they were going to get. We had a feeling that it would be some active game like paintball, but no one among the ladies knew what exactly was being preparing for us. So, the 8 th of March was here. To tell you the truth, it was the most creative celebration of this holiday in our life. Every woman at the office discovered a menu with an unusual list of items on their table, complemented with a piece of chocolate. The menu included services as "Tea or coffee from any ROCA man with love", "Coffee from the Officer in Charge with love (if you dare)" or "A song from ROCA Romeo", etc. Mario Trutmann and Enrico Boninsegna, as true Romeos, wonderfully played the guitar and sang love songs in different languages for each lady at ROCA. That was amazing. All gentlemen wore suites and ties and were ready to comply with almost any request we could have for them, including translation of any document into English or Russian, and even a small punishment of an offender (if we had any). Isn't it a dream of any woman to have her wishes fulfilled by good-looking men? Yes, the surprise was a success. However, this was not the end! In the evening, we were taken to the skating rink. First, we had a feast, and then we tried our luck on the ice rink. Even those women who had never done so before, tried to skate that day and fell in love with this sport. That was a good ending of a wonderful day. What a pity that the Women's Day is celebrated only once a year. However, with our ROCA men, we feel special every day.