Mock trial in Almaty

The Global Programme against Money-Laundering (GPML) jointly with the UNODC/ROCA Senior Regional Legal Adviser conducted a four-day Anti- Money Laundering Mock Trial on 6-9 September in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The training event was attended by 30 prosecutors, judges, law enforcement and Financial Investigation Unit officers from Astana, Almaty and other provinces. This exercise aimed  to give participants practical experience in the investigation and ultimate prosecution of a money-laundering offence with corruption as the predicate offences. The mock trial gave an opportunity to senior officials from the judiciary and law-enforcement to become acquainted with many of the issues and evidential arguments that would arise in a genuine case. It helped participants get a better understanding of the pressures and influences that investigators, judges and prosecutors are under when dealing with genuine money laundering cases and offered advice on how to cope (including through effective team work, sharing information and the use of relevant evidence).