An international operation to suppress the activities of transnational drug trafficking groups was successfully completed on 18 October. The main objective of the operation was drug supply prevention. It was managed by NSC in cooperation with Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) and Kyrgyz Governmental National Security Service. The operation, coordinated by Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Centre (CARICC), focused on drug trafficking from Kyrgyz Republic through Kazakhstan into Russia. As a result of the successful operation, an international drug channel has been halted in Astana, Kazakhstan on 29 October.
This success adds the CARICC's recent accomplishments in assisting law enforcement to fight international drug trafficking. In Rubtcovske town (Altayskiy region of the Russian Federation (RF)), the Federal Security Service Directorate (FSSD RF) arrested two recipients of drug shipments and 5.3 kg of heroin was seized. In September in the south of Kazakhstan, two similar operations on drug supply prevention were carried out. Additionally, on the 7 September in Maktaaralskiy region, another drug supply channel, which stretched from Tajikistan to Kazakhstan, was stopped. These international operations demonstrate CARICC's ability to directly contribute to the prevention of drug trafficking.