Precursor Control Training in Texas

From 2009 to 2011, UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia in the framework of its Precursor Control Project for Central Asia, procured and handed over equipment for mobile precursor teams (MPT), established within Law Enforcement Agencies of Central Asian states. The total cost of equipment procured from funds provided by the Government of Canada exceeded 250'000 USD.

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness of the equipment provided, UNODC Regional Office for Central Asian within its Precu rsor Control Project organized a precursor control training in Kingsville, Texas, USA, where one of the main emphasis was made on the use of search and rummaging sets - so called 'CT30' kits. Officers of the Kingsville Specialized Crimes and Drugs Task Force provided trainings and shared experiences with their Central Asian cou nterparts on the use of, inter alia, 'Buster K910B' contraband detectors, fiber optics inspection sets and handheld inspection devices. The experts have also introduced newly developed equipment, including a one-piece reparable 'Ultimate Fiberscope' set.

The training was not limited to classroom-training and included practical exercises such as road inspections, border checkpoint control measures (including a visit to US-Mexican border) and concealment methods (including a visit to a parking lot  full of seized vehicles).

A total of nine officers from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan were trained as trainers and will participate in similar training-activities conducted for their colleagues in the region.