Protect victims of human trafficking and smuggled migrants

Recently UNODC has convened the regional train-the-trainers course "International best practices and Standard Operating Procedures in effective identification and protection of victims of human trafficking and smuggled migrants" for law enforcement officers in Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan. This event was conducted in the framework of the UNODC regional project "Strengthening the capacity of the Central Asian Republics to protect and assist victims of human trafficking and smuggled migrants, especially women and children, in partnership with NGO and civil society actors" which is funded by the European Union and the United States..

The main participants of the course were the 24 trainers/experts who are currently working at specialized national training centers which provide advanced training for law enforcement officers under the Ministries of Interior, National Security Services and Migration Service Agencies of all Central Asia countries.

The course allowed the participants to study the main topics of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual including the international tools by which law enforcement personnel can provide assistance and protection including the modules on pro-active and re-active investigation techniques, criminal intelligence gathering, analysis, and information exchange.