Regional working meeting on "ICE TRAIL" operation in CARICC

On 11-12 June 2013, CARICC and Interpol with the support of UNODC held a regional working meeting "Ice Trail", the aim of which was to discuss and share best practices on coordination efforts of the law-enforcement agencies of Central and South-East Asia in interception of synthetic drugs, including methamphetamine trafficked from Iran. Law-enforcement officers from the operational divisions of the CARICC member states, Australia, Belarus, Indonesia, Iran, Thailand and other interested countries took part in the meeting. 

Operation "ICE TRAIL" had been conducted during almost 3 years by INTERPOL with the support of UNODC and World Customs Organization. Due to the substantial cooperation among the participating countries significant results were achieved. In consideration of the spreading of the threat of methamphetamine trafficking, including to the Central Asian region, it was proposed to CARICC to explore the possibility of taking a role in the coordination and development of measures on overcoming this issue at the regional level. In its turn, the INTERPOL General Secretariat and INTERPOL National Central Bureau's network (also in the light of the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement between CARICC and INTERPOL) are willing to provide full support to combat methamphetamine trafficking.

Thereby, CARICC will play a coordinating role in the region in counteracting illicit synthetic drugs trafficking, including methamphetamine smuggled from Iran. For this purpose an analytical work file will be created for collecting and analysis of information on this issue and for organisation of joint operations in interception of illicit synthetic drugs and psychotropic substances.