ROCA provides GIS Training at CARICC

From 28 June - 03 July, the Coordination and Analysis Unit of ROCA provided a five day training  course on "Advanced GIS and web mapping technologies" for the staff of the Analytical Unit of the Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Centre (CARICC). The first training for CARICC staff was organized in 2008 and included such subjects as: data analysis in LE, database basics, architecture of the internet, basics of web hosting and MS Office proficiency. This training was the logical continuation of the first and was designed for using geographic information systems (GIS) in law enforcement activities. The training agenda consisted of three parts: - introduction to ArcGIS; - advanced GIS training course and; - introduction to web mapping technologies. The agenda included subjects on developing thematic maps at province/country levels and mapping individual drug seizures; processing satellite images; how to best use the internet map resources; introduction to the regional geo-database of  ROCA CAU, etc. At the end of the course participants  with the assistance of trainers developed an online map application for the web site of CARICC to present the latest reported cases of drug seizures (IDS) in the region . The application is based on modern IT technology and linked to the maps of the online geo-database of ROCA CAU.