Training on Investigative Interviewing, Conducted for Interagency Mobile Teams of Uzbekistan

13-24 May 2019, Khiva, Uzbekistan - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional Office for Central Asia supported a training on Investigative Interviewing for law enforcement officers of the State Security Service, the Ministry of Interior, the State Customs Committee and the National Information-Analytical Center on Drug Control under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan as a part of the initiative on "Countering trafficking of Afghan narcotics in Uzbekistan through establishment of Interagency Mobile Teams."

Two one-week training sessions were organized for 46 officers of the Interagency Mobile Teams (IMT) throughout Uzbekistan and their Operation Coordination Team (OCT).

The sessions were delivered by group of expert investigators with an extensive background in complex and major crime investigations from Intersol Technical Services Ltd/Intersol Global (UK).

The training covered the principles of investigative interviewing, included "PEACE" framework of interviewing, dealing with difficult behavior, insight into memory, ethical questioning, and detecting deception.

These topics were supported by the interactive training sessions on different scenarios of witness and suspect interrogation tactics with focus on cases related to drug trafficking and human trafficking. The interviews were staged by the participants based on their professional experience and analyzed by the trainers. Training course also included video records of some examples of investigations which were discussed in detail with participants.

The initiative, "Countering trafficking of Afghan narcotics in Uzbekistan through establishment of Interagency Mobile Teams" is implemented under the Sub-Programme 1 of the UNODC Programme for Central Asia (2015-2019) and generously funded by the Government of Japan.

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