UNODC and Counter Narcotics Service of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Interior enhance cooperation

Mr. Andrey Seleznev, Head of the UNODC Programme office in the Kyrgyz Republic met with Mr. Bakyt Matmusayev, chairperson of the Counter Narcotics Service (CNS) under the Ministry of Interior (MoI) of the Kyrgyz Republic. Discussion of the implementation of the UNODC projects in Kyrgyzstan that support combatting illegal drug trafficking was the topic of the meeting.

One of the UNODC initiatives to combat the illegal drug trafficking in the Kyrgyz Republic is on "Support to Drug Control in Kyrgyzstan”. The initiative is funded by the Government of Japan, who allocated $ 2.75 million.

This project includes such activities as improvement of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of drug control, strengthening the technical base and capacity development of the CNS (construction of administrative buildings for the Directorate of the CNS under Ministry of Interior of the Kyrgyz Republic in Talas and Jalal-Abad regions, procurement of vehicles, computer and office equipment, conducting trainings for employees of the CNS), liaison officer deployment and international cooperation enhancement.

Another initiative on "Creation of mobile groups of the CNS of the Ministry of Interiors of the Kyrgyz Republic", is supported by the Russian Federation with the funding of $ 600 thousand.

It is planned that within the initiative, two unmanned aerial vehicles and two vehicles, equipped with special and workplaces, communications, computer and special inspection equipment for work in remote rayons will be provided to CNS.

The project “Establishment of the analytical department at the CNS under the Ministry of Interior of the Kyrgyz Republic” is funded by the US Government with the amount of $ 200 thousand. Analytical Centre was established at the CNS, which is contributing to enhancement of the quality of the analytical materials on the drug situation and the main trends in the Kyrgyz Republic. It is planned that the Center will be used for mapping the area with the subsequent adoption of targeted proactive measures on eradication of illegal crops.

The work is conducted as part of the UNODC Sub-programme 1 “Countering transnational organized crime, illicit drug trafficking and prevention of terrorism” of the Regional UNODC Programme for Central Asia states for 2015-2020.



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