UNODC and USAID/Winrock International Strengthen National Policies and Strategies in Countering Trafficking in Persons in Turkmenistan

Two decades ago, the international community, adopted the UN Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children. Turkmenistan joined the TIP Protocol in 2005, and has improved state policies, legislation, prevention, detection, and suppression of human trafficking activities, creating favorable conditions for the physical, psychological and social rehabilitation of victims of trafficking in persons.


To support Turkmen Government in implementing its commitments on fighting trafficking in persons, the UNODC in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and USAID's Safe Migration in Central Asia Programme and the USAID's Governance Support Programme in Turkmenistan, conducted a two-day workshop on "Strengthening National Policies on Trafficking in Persons", which was held in hybrid format from 15 to 16 March 2022.

 “It is very important to understand that the fight against trafficking in persons brings us closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which calls for the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls, the fight against organized crime and the elimination of forced labor, abuse, exploitation and violence against children. Fighting this global threat means building a society in which no one is left behind”, stated Mr. Chary Atayev, UNODC National Programme Coordinator.


The event brought together key stakeholders from the public sector, the Office of the Ombudsman, international development partners, non-governmental and civil society organizations to familiarize the participants with the best international practices in the development of anti-human trafficking policies with strong emphasis on victim-centered approaches, discuss the capacity development needs, as well as review and discuss the national legislation in the field and the key findings, conclusions and recommendations of the legal analysis conducted by the UNODC in 2018.    

According to Nino Nadiradze, USAID Representative in Turkmenistan: “more traffickers are being prosecuted every year – globally, the number convicted per 100,000 population has nearly tripled since 2003, when the protocol came into force. The existence of anti-trafficking legislation and investment in national capacity and international cooperation strengthen the response”.

Outstanding experts Tatyana Kotlyarenko, OSCE/ODIHR Warsaw, Meder Dastanbekov, SMICA Country Coordinator in Kyrgyzstan, Madis Vainomaa, Project Manager, Anti-trafficking Programme, International Centre for Migration Policy Development, Elena Nyanenkova, International TIP Legislative Reform Consultant and Shandra Woworuntu, the Chair of the ODIHR and ex-member of the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking and a survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence shared best practices with the workshop participants.

“The establishment of specialized agencies dedicated to preventing and combating trafficking in persons, as well as to assisting victims, can facilitate dialogue between these different areas of expertise and promote coordinated responses. Together with dedicated training of relevant organizations, this multisectoral approach can promote effective identification, protection and redress of victims, as well as investigative actions targeting the different forms of this crime, based on a victim-centered, child and gender sensitive, and human rights-based approach”, concluded Ms. Eleanor Valentine, Chief of Party of Safe Migration in Central Asia Programme.

The event was a part of the UNODC and USAID Safe Migration in Central Asia joint initiative aimed at improvement of existing legislation in the field of combating trafficking in persons and finalization of the Standard Operating Procedures for relevant departments and organizations to effectively operate the Referral Mechanism in Turkmenistan.

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