UNODC contributes to public safety through supporting prison-based rehabilitation programme in Kyrgyzstan

There are about 6, 000 people imprisoned in Kyrgyzstan and only 1,600 prisoners involved in any constructive activities. Criminal recidivism rates remain very high and many offenders, even after severe sentences of imprisonment, repeatedly fail to desist from crime and lead a law-abiding and self-supporting life. Since imprisonment, in itself, is incapable of addressing the offenders' social integration issues it is important to design and deliver effective social reintegration interventions to prevent recidivism and to stop the cycle of failed social integration.

To address the issue of recidivism, on 15 November, 2017, the State Service of Punishment under the Government of Kyrgyzstan and United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime signed an action plan to support implementation of vocational training and income-generating activities in female and male prisons to support bakery as well as shoe and sewing production. Overall UNODC will provide around 135 000 USD to support prison-based rehabilitation programme that will benefit more than 100 prisoners.

For more details, please, visit the United Nations in the Kyrgyz Republic website.