UNODC enhances well-being of families with children difficult situations

On 11, 18 and 25 September, UNODC Programme Office in Turkmenistan within the framework of UN-Turkmenistan Joint Programme on social services held a series of sessions of the Strong Families Programme for families as part of the new specialized community-based social services. The sessions were conducted for ten families with children in difficult life situations from local communities of Ashgabat

The overall objective of the training was social integration and adaptation of vulnerable population from risk groups. Training  was delivered by certified facilitators. Thee imparted knowledge and skills on how to create a favorable environment for child development and how to establish healthy relationships in the family. Teenagers were trained on life skills, how to cope with stress and withstand the bad influence of peers. As a result, participants improved family parenting skills which will further enhance child and family well-being.

The Strong Families Programme, designed for challenged settings, provides an evidence-informed prevention response to substance use, youth violence and crime by building family skills. These skills help with healthy and safe development of children from both genders. The programme was adapted to local context to serve families in difficult life situations.

The Joint Programme on “Improving the system of social protection through the introduction of inclusive quality community-based social services”, funded by the Joint SDG Fund, is being implemented by the partnering UN agencies, namely, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, and UNODC and Government of Turkmenistan. The Joint Programme aims to introduce a new model of social services at the community level accompanied by relative legislative reviews and capacity building of national social service workforce.