UNODC Facilitates a Demo-Exercise at the Tajik-Uzbek Border-Crossing Point

On 3 May 2018, UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia jointly with Tajik law enforcement agencies, facilitated a simulation exercise on intercepting drug trafficking and precursor chemicals trafficked through the borders. Demo-exercise took place at the "Dusti" Tajik Border-Crossing Point (BCP) and marked five years since the establishment of a Border Liaison Office (BLO) at the point.

The problem of drug trafficking does not have national borders implying that the countries can achieve better results only when acting collaboratively. UNODC works to strengthen regional cooperation in combatting drugs related threats. The BLO initiative is one of the engines that stimulates joint efforts to combat drugs and related crimes. In particular, the BLO at the "Dusti" BCP in Tajikistan supports interagency collaboration thus strengthening border security on the western border of Tajikistan for five years now.

The major actors of the exercise were the officers of the Ministry of Interior, Border Forces, Customs Services and the Drug Control Agency under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan. Representatives of the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Uzbekistan and UNODC had an opportunity to observe the exercise.  

"Dusti" is a border check-point with up to 6000 people crossing the border every day. The border is considered a key check-point on the west border of Tajikistan.

During the simulation exercise, participants implemented a "real-life" scenario aimed at improving coordination between Ministry of Interior, Border Forces, Customs Services and the Drug Control Agency through the BLO networking at the borders. According to scenario, the officer at "Nijniy Pyandj" BLO informs the BLO officers at "Dusti" BCP about the possibility of контрабанда going through Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the middle of May 2017. In turn, the "Dusti' BLO officers informed all relevant law enforcement agencies about the case and recommended running strict control activities during the period. Timely coordination resulted in arresting the drug trafficker.

After the simulation exercise, delegations of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan discussed the ways to improve cross border cooperation, risks and threats at the border crossing points.

"We look forward to having new simulation exercises with our Uzbek colleagues, so that we combat the drug trafficking together and reach feasible results." - Mr. Sayfullozoda Zafar, the Head of Mobile-Operative Department.

Mr. Yusuf Kurbanov, the International Programme Coordinator of the UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia thanked the national partners and added that "the demo-exercise proved efficiency of the joint work of law enforcement agencies involved in the BLO operations, and UNODC will continue its support to the BLOs."

This is a third simulation exercise facilitated by UNODC in Central Asia. A year ago, UNODC, in coordination with the State Border Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, conducted similar joint simulation exercises at the "Dostuk" BCP located on the Kyrgyz-Uzbek and Kyrgyz-Kazakh border.

The event is implemented within the framework of the «Countering the trafficking of Afghan opiates via the northern route by enhancing the capacity of key border crossing points (BCPs) and through the establishment of Border Liaison Offices (BLOs)» component of the Programme for Central Asia 2015-2019, and funded by the Government of Japan.


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