UNODC Issues Second Edition of Manual on Comprehensive Religious, Psychological and Linguistic Expertise in Terrorism and Extremism Related Cases in the Kyrgyz Republic


UNODC, together with the State Forensic Service under the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic, has published the second edition of a Manual on the provision of forensic expertise in terrorism and extremism cases.

The manual describes in detail principles and methods for religious expertise and psychological and linguistic analysis. It is designed to assist religious experts in conducting religious examinations, both as an independent, separate form of expertise, and as part of a comprehensive psychological and linguistic examination. The manual is also of great interest to expert linguists and psychologists, as well as lawyers, human rights experts, academia and other stakeholders with an interest in forensics, criminal justice and prevention of violent extremism.

 Publication brief in Russian language

Publication in Russian language 

Publication in Kyrgyz language