UNODC organized a two-day webinar for mid to senior-level law enforcement officers of Kazakhstan

On 3-4 November, UNODC conducted a two-day webinar on the merits of intelligence-led policing and the use of software for 11 mid to senior-level officers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Border Service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan.

The webinar aimed to enhance the analytical capacities of investigators and front-line law enforcement officers in solving illegal drug trafficking-related crimes, and raise the capacity of law enforcement agencies in intelligence collection and information management applying the concept of intelligence-led policing (ILP).

“Intelligence-led policing is a very important and vital component of the UNODC Programme in Central Asia. When we talk in terms of law enforcement activities and criminal justice, intelligence is an essential part of any law enforcement activity, anywhere in the world. We are happy to have this workshop at the conclusion of most of our activities in Central Asia as we begin and look forward to next year, hopefully in the post-COVID world,” said the Head of the UNODC Programme Office in Kazakhstan in his opening speech.

Senior Analyst of the Information Analytical Division of Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Center for Combating the Illicit Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and their Precursors (CARICC) thanked the UNODC Programme in Central Asia for organizing the webinar and inviting CARICC representatives to take part in this webinar. “I hope you will find the information we will provide in our presentations interesting and useful. I am confident that this webinar will be the next step in enhancing the capacity of law enforcement agencies to combat drug crime and will further promote regional cooperation among law enforcement agencies in Central Asia. I encourage participants to actively use CARICC capacities and opportunities which are being constantly expanded and developed,” she highlighted.

On the first day of the webinar, the Head of the UNODC Programme Office in Kazakhstan made a presentation on intelligence-led policing and its aims and objectives. He briefed the participants on human rights and civil protections in the context of their activities and also introduced the intelligence cycle investigative interviewing model to assist ILP.

The presentation was followed by questions and answers session and discussions.

On the second day of the webinar, National Programme Manager from UNODC Programme Office in Kyrgyzstan made a detailed presentation on “Deep Web” and “DarkNet” and on how drugs are distributed through the Internet. He also briefed the participants on the achievements and challenges in the area of criminal intelligence analysis.

Senior Analyst of the Information Analytical Division of CARICC made a presentation on intelligence analysis based on the existing examples of criminal court convictions related to illegal drug trafficking. The participants were also briefed on CARICC capacities, achievements and initiatives.

The webinar was organized as part of “Drug law enforcement systems for criminal intelligence collection, analysis and exchange, and intelligence-led policing” Component funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of Sub-programme 1 “Countering transnational organized crime, illicit drug trafficking and preventing terrorism” of the UNODC Programme for Central Asia. It was conducted in collaboration with the Border Cooperation Component of Sub-programme 1. These two components form a partnership framework for impact-related action in Central Asia.


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