UNODC Promotes the Rule of Law Through Model United Nations in Kyrgyzstan

Crime, justice and the rule of law are part of our lives and affect us on a daily basis. People, and especially youth, are concerned about these issues. In this regard, UNODC Programme office in the Kyrgyz Republic in cooperation with the Interact Kyrgyzstan, a youth charity organization which support the vulnerable group of people in the country, conducted a Model United Nations (MUN). This Model was devoted to the 16-days activism against gender -based violence.

According to Mr. Andrey Seleznev, Head of the UNODC Programme office in the Kyrgyz Republic, the MUN offers a popular way to learn about the United Nations and to give tomorrow's leaders an insight into negotiations at the international level. “This is the second MUN which was co-organized by UNODC in 2022. It truly becomes a good tradition to organize such events together with active and critically thinking youth of Kyrgyzstan”.  

Over 100 youth aged 14-21 came together from 10 universities and 7 schools of Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, to try negotiating and come to the common ground on announced theme.

Mr. Marat Koshmuratov, General Secretary of the  New Year MUN  said: “Model UN is a school of negotiations, a workshop of oratory, a platform for the exchange of opinions, an opportunity to grow in every sense. We are grateful to UNODC in Kyrgyzstan for the continued support of our initiative and are ready to continue and expand the game to the Central Asian region and even invite teams from all over the world.”

Prior to the event, UNODC shared a Resource Guide ( ) which supports MUNers who wish to integrate crime prevention and criminal justice issues into their simulations. Participating students used the guide to learn about the global rule of law challenges being discussed at the core of the United Nations. The Resource Guide comprises of seven sections relating to core topics, an introduction and information on useful resources.

Guidelines developed for the conference included sessions addressing crime prevention, criminal justice, gender-based violence, human rights and security and other aspects of the rule of law, based on UNODC’s unique resource guide.

CCPCJ simulations based on UNODC's E4J guidance have been increasing, as have discussions on the challenges of achieving Sustainable Development Goal 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions) and the importance of using education as a tool for crime prevention.

Young people around the world, regardless of their background and circumstances, are feeling more concerned and personally involved in these issues; they are therefore more eager to learn about the wide array of challenges to the rule of law, and to understand what it takes to promote a culture of lawfulness.

The MUN was a part of the UNODC-implemented projects “Promoting effective investigation and prosecution of gender-based violence in the Kyrgyz Republic” supported by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the US State Department.


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