UNODC Publishes Comprehensive Training Package for Law Enforcement and Justice Professionals on Investigation and Prosecution of Trafficking in Persons in Tajikistan

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has published a set of four different training manuals for police, prosecutors and judges on the investigation and prosecution of trafficking in persons in Tajikistan.


In line with the Trafficking in Persons Protocol supplementing the United Nations Organized Crime Convention, the purpose of the manuals is to support Tajik law enforcement and criminal justice practitioners in the prevention of human trafficking, the protection of its victims, the prosecution of its culprits and in the international cooperation needed to achieve these goals.

The training materials have been developed in partnership with the Police Academy and with training centres of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Court to support implementation of the 2019-2021 National Action Plan to counter trafficking in persons in Tajikistan. Following pilot seminars and the organization of training of trainers in 2020, the manuals have been tailored to reflect national legislation and investigative practices, based on which they are currently being introduced in the training curricula of the various law enforcement and judicial training institutions of Tajikistan.  

UNODC has printed and disseminated a total of 1000 copies of the manuals, which can also serve as pocketbooks for daily use.

The manuals cover the following:

UNODC has developed and published the training package within the framework of the project "Strengthening the law enforcement response to trafficking in persons in the Republic of Tajikistan" with financial support from the US State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).


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