UNODC ROCA continues to support operationalization of new IMTs/BLOs in Uzbekistan

On 6 May 2021 at the premises of UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia, representatives of drug control agencies gathered to receive the second batch of equipment for strengthening the capacity of Border Liaison Offices and Interagency Mobile Teams (IMTs) in Uzbekistan as a follow-up to the handover ceremony that took place in February 2021.

Both events delivered within the Government of Japan and UNODC joint initiative on countering illicit drug trafficking and transnational organized crime through enhancing regional cross-border cooperation by strengthening the capacity of Border Liaison Offices in Central Asia and Interagency Mobile Teams in Uzbekistan in the framework of the UNODC Programme for Central Asia 2015-2021.

The equipment worth $228,000, including Motorola radio equipment, interactive boards, two vehicles and some search and inspection equipment were transferred to the State Customs Committee, the State Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Border Service for effective operationalization of the newly established International Mobile Teams and Border Liaison Offices.

In her opening speech, Ms. Ashita Mittal, UNODC Regional Representative for Central Asia, highlighted the importance of ‘the strengthened inter-agency cooperation between the law enforcement through information sharing and promoting joint operations, which already has demonstrated the positive results and led to an increased interdiction’. She also expressed appreciation to all national stakeholders for their commitment and active engagement in the implementation of the initiative from the very beginning and for the strong support at the highest level.

In his speech, Mr. Olim Narzullaev, Director of the National Information and Analytical Centre on Drug Control of the Republic of Uzbekistan, noted that ‘the provision of Border Liaison Offices and Interagency Mobile Teams with modern technical means and equipment will allow for effective customs and border control, and contribute to the improvement of operational-search work in countering illicit drug trafficking’.

Mr. Hijikata Naohito representing the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan wished parties successful implementation of the cross-border cooperation initiative by effectively utilizing the provided equipment and expressed readiness to further support the country’s efforts in the area of drug control.

At the end of the ceremony parties signed the handover notes and examined the provided equipment.

The handover ceremony was organized within two components of Sub-programme 1 “Countering transnational organized crime, illicit drug trafficking and preventing terrorism” of the UNODC Programme for Central Asia: “Countering trafficking of Afghan narcotics and synthetic drugs in Uzbekistan through establishment of Interagency Mobile Teams” and “Enhancing capacity of border crossing points and improving regional cross border cooperation by promoting Border Liaison Offices’ concept and development of information and communication networks for border agencies in Central Asia” funded by the Government of Japan. 


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