UNODC supports data collection on crime

In Kyrgyzstan, UNODC has partnered with the National Statistics Committee in order to develop and publish a new compilation of crime trends. On 24 March 2016, the new tool, which contains crime statistics covering the period from 2010 to 2014, was officially presented to the public in Bishkek including representatives of the government, civil society, international organizations and media.  

Produced with UNODC expert advice and technical support, the compilation analyzes data on specific crimes, the profile of offenders and the work of the criminal justice sector.  Among others, the data presented in the compilation shows that the number of crimes registered is generally going down. At the same time, the figures for some offences, such as drug related crimes and domestic violence reveal an upward trend.  Official statistics confirm that crimes are often committed under the influence of alcohol. According to the data, offending is also strongly related to unemployment.  

The new compilation was published in Russian language and will soon be made available in Kyrgyz language as well. UNODC's support will allow for wide dissemination of the tool among criminal justice practitioners and other relevant stakeholders as a basis for debate on crime prevention and criminal justice in the Kyrgyz Republic during the years to come. 

Within the framework of its Programme for Central Asia 2015-2019, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime works to strengthen national capacities to produce, disseminate and use statistics on drugs and crime. The aim of UNODC's assistance in this area is to enable the countries of Central Asia to develop appropriate policies for crime prevention and criminal justice.