UNODC Supports Implementation of Modern Approaches to HIV Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Andijan, 13 April -Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan organized a national conference on "Modern approaches to HIV diagnosis, prevention and treatment" with a technical support of UNODC and other UN agencies.  About two hundred (200) specialists, experts and representatives of government structures, NGOs and international organizations participated in the conference. The conference aimed to share experiences and modern methods of HIV diagnosis, prevention and treatment, as well as co-morbidities in the frame of UN strategy towards the end of HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030.

UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia presented international approaches and standards on HIV prevention, treatment and care for people who inject drugs (PWID) with focus on evidence-based comprehensive programs, human rights and reducing of stigma and discrimination. UNODC also facilitated the session on NGOs' role in implementation of HIV prevention programs including harm reduction programs for PWID. During this session participants from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Tajikistan examined HIV, drug-use, gender and human rights issues, as well as discussed challenges and priorities to address. The session showed the need for further coordination and cooperation between service providers, NGOs and international organizations to provide better quality service for PWID in the country.

A participant of the seminar, Ms. Tatyana Nikitina ( "Intilish" NGO) noted that "there is a need in the country to use modern comprehensive models to provide quality social support to vulnerable groups of the population including PWID."    

Effective counteraction to HIV/AIDS remains an urgent task for both the state and civil society in Uzbekistan according to the State Program on HIV of 25 January 2018. Cooperation with international organizations and introduction of best practices will increase the effectiveness of join efforts and contribute to identification of further strategies for effectively countering HIV/AIDS in Uzbekistan.


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