UNODC Supports Youth Media Hub in Fergana Valley

Young people constitute a tremendous and essential asset worth investing in, opening the door to an unparalleled multiplier effect. At the same time, young people are also facing incredible challenges and even life-threatening risks, disproportionately carried by girls and young women in many parts of the world. These arise when accessing their rights, including to quality education, healthcare or decent work.

To enhance equal opportunities in the fast-changing world and improve capacity of young people of Fergana Valley, UNODC together with Youth Affairs Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan provide technical and expert assistance to Youth Centres in Fergana Valley. Professional audio and video equipment, personal computers and furniture worth over fifty thousand US $ were handed over to the Youth Media Hub in Andijan city. 

According to Mr. Koen Marquering, International Coordinator of UNODC Criminal Justice Programme in Central Asia: “The way in which the shifting demographics in the world are leveraged, and how young people navigate their transition into adulthood, are critical for the community and country positive development. It is abundantly clear that it is only by engaging and working with them, supporting them in standing up for their rights and creating the conditions allowing them to progress and play an active role, that the international community will be able to achieve peace, security, justice, and sustainable development for all”.

“This is very reasonable that we are implementing this project in Fergana Valley, because the Valley is very populous and needs additional support to the young people. I hope that this Media Hub will be excellent model of the well-equipped  platform where youth will have opportunity to gain professional skills”, said Ms. Dilnoza Kattakhanova, Deputy Director of Youth Affairs Agency. 

UNODC launched a joint PFB-funded “Youth for Social Harmony in Fergana Valley” in 2020 aimed to ensure that young women and young men continue to have equitable access to socio-economic opportunities and benefit from its positive outcomes, while enabling them to have a stronger say about their future.

Handed over equipment will serve as a basis to organize trainings, educational programs and summer camps for selected young women and men from targeted areas to strengthen leadership, communication, mediation and advocacy skills enabling them to act as essential partners for change in their communities and encourage their civic participation and engagement in promoting rule of law and sustaining peace.

The project will not only provide technical assistance by equipment but support development of the youth hubs web-sites, elaboration of annual activity plans, assistance in fundraising, organizing and arranging the work of the youth centers, ensuring synergy with other activities of the project, provide youth with professional skills and employment opportunities. 

After equipping the Centres, UNODC plans to start cascade trainings in three cities of Fergana Valley – Fergana, Namangan and Andijan, welcoming female candidates permanently living in Ferghana region to take an active part. Set trainings will focus on management, innovation, business and budget planning, loan applications, sustainable investment for young women and men.


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